Changing Dimension Of UK Film News

Films are the most happening industry in the world. While stars rise and fall, their fame remains forever. With much online film news websites bourgeoning, it has become tough for fans to choose the right reading material. Over a period of time, the quality of news has deteriorated due to the poor journalism. Moreover, the web has created a platform to reach to the target audience effortlessly. Earlier it was only print media that catered to the interests of the fans. Now there is online media that has changed the way movie news has been perceived.

When the film is in the production stage or after release the public relations officer handles the press. It is they who decide what information about the film has to be released to the public. They are the eyes and ears of the production unit and give interesting tidbits to the audience to keep their interest alive. At every point, they release promotional material that can keep the audience waiting for the film release. A film news is not just about gossip columns but also involves making the film, music release events, trailers, promotional campaigns, interviews with lead actors and actresses and more.

What makes UK film news interesting is that you not only have information what film is playing in your neighbourhood theatre and release date but also ratings about the film, box office collection and many more. The role of a film news magazine whether online or offline is totally dedicated to the movies and your matinee idols. Movie news was earlier available only in newspapers where a section to devoted for entertainment. Moreover, there were exclusive movie news magazines that catered to the interest of the movie buffs. Now with the world shrinking with World Wide Web has given a new dimension to the way movie news is catered.

Entertainment news section primarily comprises of movie news. Anything that happens on the sets is reported immediately. The fastness with which the news is delivered has made it popular among readers. Breaking news is not just restricted to political and economic section but entertainment as well.

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A Sneak Peek Into The Lives Of Your Favourite Stars

Movie news has taken a new avatar with the online intervention. Now searching for movies, celebrity information, music, technical details all can be retrieved at the click of a button. Fans are always interested in learning what is happening in the lives of their favourite stars, and the movie news offers a sneak-peak into the lives of celebrities. Earlier going through the entertainment section of the paper was just customary. Now with the advent of internet searching for your favourite movies, stars and music have become simpler. Keyword search has made it easier with keywords and news retrieval could never be more comfortable.

The internet is a treasure trove of information and for anything related to UK film news. So, just go online. You can find a list of new releases, latest movies of your matinee idol, film reviews, gossips, music reviews and more online. The entertainment blogs are creating a rife, and the niche is earning popularity as per statistics. The reason for this popularity is the interest among fans to learn what is happening in the entertainment industry. Apart from film, television also has taken a place in the entertainment section with people taking the interest in reality shows, talk shows, serials among others.

For many, the entertainment is not just about getting updates on movies and stars. There is more to it. For many, it is the fashion that appeals. They like to keep updated on the fashion trends of their stars. There is also information on the lifestyle of the movie stars. This can give you an idea on what type of lifestyle your stars follow. Most of the fashion section is promoted by on-screen celebrities. Another section of interest includes updates on beauty and fitness. Movie stars are mimicked for their impeccable beauty and physique. With top rated beauty products and fitness equipment being promoted by movie stars, fans remain glued to movie news section to learn more on the life of celebrities.

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Top 5 Asian Movies of All Time

Asian movies are definitely worth watching. Although most of them were filmed in the local language, it is easy finding subtitles in English if you want to understand the entire story. Some of these films have gained international attention. They may not be worldwide hits unlike Hollywood blockbusters, but they are surely worth watching. Here are 5 of the best Asian movies of all time you should consider watching now.

1. Confessions (Japan)

This movie discussed the tragic story of Yuko Moriguchi, a high school teacher. It was a simple plot, which was beautifully discussed. The acting of the cast was also beyond question. This teacher told her students it would be her last day in school without giving any reason. At that point, it was common knowledge that her husband was HIV positive and her young daughter drowned in a pool. She believed otherwise. She knew her daughter was killed and the murderers were in the room. She also said that she placed her husband’s blood on the milk of those two who killed her daughter.

2. Oldboy (South Korea)

We now love Korean dramas because of the touching stories discussed. This film on the other hand tackled a more sensitive subject. In fact, it was too powerful that people started giving their attention to Korean films because of it. A man was abducted and forced to live in the same room for 15 years. Upon his release, he sought revenge. However, the film didn’t just revolve around the subject of revenge. It also talked about his journey towards catharsis. The film won the Grand Prize of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival.

3. The Raid: Redemption (Indonesia)

One of the reasons why this film made heads turn was because it discussed a subject quite close to home. The main character attempted to arrest the owner of the building who was said to be at the heart of the terroristic activities going on in Jakarta. The film’s action scenes were beyond breathtaking.

4. Tanging Yaman (Philippines)

This movie discussed the crazy stories of an extended family. It attempted to take a closer look at what each member of the family was going through and how they tried keeping things together even if they were already falling apart. Their journey to find love and reconciliation is one that will surely melt your heart. You could not watch this movie without shedding tears.

5. Trivisa (Hong Kong)

This is an exceptional drama, which gained national headlines. Aside from the storyline, which was terrific, it was also created by 3 young directors in Hong Kong. It also portrayed a very sensitive national issue. It discussed how Hong Kong’s standing dropped under Chinese rule. Without a doubt, it is one of the best Hong Kong films ever. You can ask any local and they will most definitely mention this film.

Asian movies are totally underrated. There are tons of great Asian films that deserve attention. They might not rake huge income unlike Hollywood films, but most of them have great storylines that are worth your time.

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Why was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre marketed as a real story?

Why was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre marketed as a real storyThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a 1974 film and is considered one of the most iconic films in horror film history. It is about a group of friends who are on their way to an old homestead and in the way, they fall prey to a family of cannibals. It is widely believed to be a true story, and this myth was widely perpetrated by the makers of the film.
The ‘real story’ part – how true is it?

After the film finished filming, it released a year later. It premiered in Texas and found great success in the entire nation. Post 1976, the film was reissued to theatres and run as a ‘true story’. There were full page advertisements that attracted people with the ‘true story’ trope.

However, although the story is not real, it does take inspiration from some real events. The character of Leatherface, who is the main antagonist in the movie, was inspired from a real life murderer, Ed Gein. Certain plot details were also picked from Gein’s life.

Reasons for the real story marketing

Here is how many benefited by making this chainsaw massacre story seem true.

  1. Drawing in the audience – Horror movies tend to be more scary when marketed as a ‘true story’. This was one of the reasons the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was presented as a true happening.
  2. Political commentary – The original screenplay writers of the movie made a subtle political commentary about the cultural and political landscape at the time. Hooper, one of the writers, has drawn a correlation between the real story trope and the intentional misinformation created by the government about Watergate, the gasoline crisis and the violence during the Vietnam War.

Chainsaws are pretty safe to use if you know how to handle them. Just follow the precautions and you will be fine, with nothing to worry about. Plus, using chainsaws will make your daily chores far easier too. For tips on how to buy and use a chainsaw, click here.

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How Hollywood Stars Relax After An Intense Day Filming

How Hollywood Stars Relax After An Intense Day FilmingWhen Hollywood ever comes up, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is glamour. A-list actors and actresses and world-renowned celebrities make up the heart of Hollywood glamour, after all. Hollywood stars are known for their extravagance, their unbelievable beauty standards, their excessive mansions and cars, and expensive lifestyles. Many people follow the lives of Hollywood stars constantly and obsess about what clothes they wear during award shows, what types of food they eat on the daily basis, what shops and stores they visit on the regular, and sometimes even what they do when they are not doing anything at all.

As objectified as most Hollywood stars are, they are actually some of the hardest working people around. First of all, to make it in Hollywood, a person must invest a lot of time, effort, and sacrifices. Many actors and actresses devote their entire lives to perfecting their crafts, and it is not an easy thing to do. So many people want to succeed in Hollywood, and it takes a true talent and visionary to find success and happiness in filming movies and television shows. The work it entails to become a Hollywood star is not all glitzy as it seems.

Take an entire day of filming for an example. Most people work a regular 9-5 with a midday break. Hollywood stars work odd hours at odd places. Most filming will have to start way before the sun breaks out just so actors and actresses can do their makeup. Depending on what is being filmed, an actor or actress can go through grueling and highly intensive physical scenes. In addition, the amount of repetition that goes into their jobs can get pretty taxing. They get dirty. They get exposed. They cry. They jump off buildings. They do things normal people won’t do. It is exhausting.

It is no wonder that Hollywood stars know how to relax the best. From staying at home by the poolside to just spending time with family, relaxation for Hollywood stars are as simple as it gets. A little bit of retail therapy helps or even a night out with other Hollywood friends can be nice. Many stars also opt for mini vacations away from the public eye. Since going out to public can be work sometimes with constant bombardment from fans and paparazzi, the best way Hollywood stars relax is by staying indoor either in a spa or at home and melting away on the massage chair. It doesn’t matter what kind of massage chair Hollywood stars use; getting a massage right after an intense day of filming is just the way to go, especially with chairs that massage the entire body. From head to foot, massage chairs are the ultimate relaxation tools because the body can be in full recline mode. They also can massage a larger area of the body all at the same time. There’s not doubt many actors and actresses make sure there is a massage chair in their shoot location. There must be nothing like sitting to get a massage after just having jumped off a building into a net. Imagine that.

Have Hoverboards Gone from Hollywood Movies to Reality in 2015?

Have Hoverboards Gone from Hollywood Movies to Reality in 2015Have hoverboards gone from Hollywood movies to reality in 2015?

The answer is apparently ‘Yes!’.

People have been dreaming about hoverboards for at least thirty years now, after the Back to the Future series helped popularize them. It’s now become commonplace for people to complain about reaching some designated point in the future without the technological advances that they envisioned to be already available. It’s popular for people to specifically complain about flying cars, for instance. Now, these people can at least cross ‘hoverboards’ off their list. Hoverboards are here!

Skateboards of the Future

Skateboards started getting popular around the 1980’s and the 1990’s, so it isn’t surprising that Hollywood would try to create skateboards that somehow managed to be even cooler than the ones the audiences were using. Lexus has now brought the hoverboard of the future to life. This hoverboard manages to get a few inches off the ground. It does indeed resemble a skateboard.

This hoverboard will hover over water, which somehow manages to make it seem even cooler than it was before, and it represents an improvement over the hoverboards features in a lot of Hollywood movies. It’s possible that scenes like that were just too difficult to film back in the 1980’s. Today, filming them may be just as easy as filming someone on a bike.

The hoverboard works using an innovative combination of magnets, liquid nitrogen, and super cooled conductors. Naturally, the board works on a metallic surface specifically at the moment. At the moment, a futuristic skate park is being developed around these new hoverboards. Anyone from the 1980’s passing through would automatically know that he or she was definitely in the future upon seeing these truly fantastic hovering skateboards.

Implications of Modern Hoverboards

Pieces of technology like this are clearly only the beginning. As this technology improves, it is possible that more vehicles will be designed according to these specifications. Hoverboards may be able to hover more than a few inches off the ground. There also might be hoverboard skating parks everywhere within a few years, depending upon the popularity of the new technology.

At present time however, you can already see people zooming around park walkways on what looks like a hoverboard. Although these do not even come close to Lexus’ Slide, they are a step closer to what was once only a figment of a movie writer’s imagination.The hoverboards available in today’s market are self-balancing scooters that are powered by batteries.They do not levitate. Instead, they have wheels which glide smoothly on the ground. To cut the long story short, they are motorised skateboards.

The success of hoverboards also should make people wonder what new technologies from Hollywood movies are on the horizon. If hoverboards are possible, and flatscreen televisions are possible, all sorts of other new technologies could also be possible.

People are used to reflexively getting disappointed with what the future has to offer, so it is something of a relief when it turns out that some of people’s dreams of the future really can come true. It is possible that advances like this will help create a new wave of enthusiasm for technology in general. There has been a great deal of cynicism directed at technological advances in recent years for a multitude of reasons. Some people are just jaded. Othersare actively pessimistic, given some of the problems with some technological advances. Take drones for example.Drones have been receiving a lot of flack because people see them as an invasion to their privacy if it is flown over their property. However, drones are now being used to film scenes that would have been otherwise impossible like say, the top of a big mountain.

How Drones Help with Filming Hollywood Movies

drone-filmingWhen drones were first introduced to the world there was a lot of speculation as to what they would be used for.  However, because of the sheer convenience of having a drone there are several industries which benefit from using one. Drones can help with filming Hollywood movies is a number of ways, which might explain why so many directors and producers use them when creating their next blockbuster.

What Are Drones?

Drones is the name given to unmanned aerial vehicles which can be used for a variety of tasks.  Militarily, drones are used to gather information about another party, but drones can actually be used for peaceful endeavors as well.  In fact, drones allow movie creators to put cameras where they could not put them before.  This allows movie makers to develop breathtaking shots without putting anyone in danger. Drones are essentially a pair of eyes, peering into the abyss of the unknown. Even cheaper drones like the UDI U818A can offer some pretty decent video footage from above.

Aerial Shots

Sometimes while filming a movie the scene calls for an aerial shot.  However, getting said footage can be extremely costly as well as dangerous to those involved.  By using an unmanned aerial craft you will be able to capture the shots you want without putting anyone at risk. Drones help with filming Hollywood movies because they are the latest in technology, are low cost and can be harnessed to create an incredible picture.

Impossible Moments

Certain scenes need to be captured in a special way in order to get the attention of the audience.  Usually, only pioneering directors and producers were able to get footage for those scenes because doing so was nearly impossible.  Drones help make your scenes more believable by giving you the power to have more control over what is being seen on the screen.  Gone are the days of piecing together moments to create the perfect scene.  Drones make it possible for you to get it on tape in real time.

Management of Set Staff

Drones are often utilized for surveillance purposes and can even help directors, producers, and managers to keep a more organized set during complicated scenes.  A well-equipped drone can act as a flying communication tool, giving you the ability to quickly see what is going on elsewhere.  The use of drones for this purpose virtually eliminates the need for cellular communication devices and provides something that is conducive with huge projects.

As modern technology advances, more and more people are turning to drones to go where no human being can go.  It will be interesting to see how the scope of entertainment changes as the use of drones continues to increase on the modern movie set.

How Actors Get Into Shape for Movies

actor-workoutHave you ever wondered how actors and actresses can quickly achieve body transformations for upcoming roles? Actors typically hire nutritionists and personal trainers in order to get into shape for movies. They get expert assistance in order to change their bodies for specific movie roles. For example, when the Australian actor Hugh Jackman took on the career-changing role of Wolverine in Marvel’s X-Men, he needed to put on plenty of lean muscle, fast, in order to embody the strength and power of the character.

Jackman got his new physique by lifting weights for two hours, from four to six in the morning! Squats, bench presses and barbell curls were just a part of this challenging regime. This punishing workout schedule was designed to take him from naturally slim to sculpted and ripped! Other pieces of exercise equipment like the Concept 2 Model D rowing machine can help get that ripped look.

It was complemented by the right diet for muscle growth, which included a diet which featured a very high daily calorie count of five thousand. Lots of lean protein was eaten in order to give muscles the right nutritional support for optimal growth.

Dieting is About Lowering your Carb Intake

Some actors want to lose weight, rather than gaining muscle and adding bulk to their bodies. Those who want to slim down typically do so because, as they say “the camera adds ten pounds”. To stay on the slim side, actors generally eschew carbs. A low-carb approach to dieting brings quick and predictable results.

Bad carbs, such as white bread and white pasta, as well as rice, tend to trigger changes in insulin production which foster weight gain. If you want the Hollywood look, cutting bad carbs out of your daily diet and eating only moderate portions of good carbs will help you to get a thinner body quickly and safely.

Hydrating your body on a daily basis is also important. Aside from exercise, actors also drink plenty of pure water while they train and diet. They know that proper hydration levels keep them energized and also help them to flush plenty of toxins out of their systems which promote an overall healthy body.

Some actors, such as Hollywood diva, Gwyneth Paltrow, go to extremes in order to keep their bodies looking fashionably thin. Gwyneth Paltrow’s been known to follow a range of extreme diets, from macrobiotic regimes (which pop icon Madonna also believes in) to juice fasts and beyond.

Fad diets don’t usually work over the long haul, as it’s too hard to stay on them. However, plenty of Hollywood actors and actresses try them out anyway because they want quick results. These fad diets are usually dangerous and are absolutely not healthy ways to lose weight. They may sound easy, but shortcuts aren’t always the way to go!

Pilates is a Hot Hollywood Fitness Trend

Lifting weights isn’t the only way to sculpt a body. While lifting weights is very popular among Hollywood’s glittering stars, it’s often preferred by the males. Most women want to maintain bodies which resemble those of high-fashion models, so they typically choose other forms of exercise, such as Pilates.

Pilates is designed to lengthen the line of the body and to get it toned without adding bulk to your body. Men or women may do Pilates – it was created in order to help people recover from accidents and it’s known for offering safe toning power.

Now that you know some of the ways that actors get fit for the silver screen or TV cameras.

Online Influence On UK Film Reviews

Film buffs are moving to the internet to look out for reviews and professionals are finding them under pressure to provide the right kind of reviews for the audience. The social media sites have given an opportunity for any member to be a critic. Apart from Facebook and Twitter, there are blogs and message boards that have become an outlet for film buffs to express their opinion about a film or music. The web has become the new weapon in the hands of critics when it was earlier print media. The role of the critics has changed over a period of time from being business oriented to audience oriented.

The newspapers are not long able to give the reach that internet forums are able to provide. There are exclusive UK film reviews websites that offer ratings on films based on the reviews from various critics. Movie goers before going to the theatre take pains to read reviews and come to a conclusion on which movie to invest time and money on. After considering the opinion of the critics, they decide on a movie. Critics have a great responsibility ahead of them as audiences are more interactive these days. Commenting and rating have opened up a new avenue for the movie review section. Filmmakers are now able to understand where their flaws lie and are able to learn from their mistakes.

The success of a film at the box office is determined by what type of reviews a film gets. Studies reveal that critics are responsible for the box office collection. Moreover, it is also responsible for getting the audiences to the theatres. Sometimes marketing campaigns influence critics. Many films create hype before release leaving not much room for criticism. But in certain cases, the hype can also act as a negative factor for the success of a film, especially when it is not able to sustain the hype. Still there is an opinion about serious critics that a review has no impact on the success of a movie like how it used to be earlier. Publicity has made films critic proof that gives the films advantage of being rated as a good irrespective of a weak story line.

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UK Film Reviews – Unbiased and not judgemental

Gone are the days when people depend on word of mouth to decide whether the movie is worth a watch. During the recent times, movie reviews have taken a new dimension with online influence creating an opening for every movie lover to register their opinion. The advent of technology has forced print media to cut down on their expenses with revenues dwindling. The print media is not improving with the internet dominating in the recent past. Surveys have proved that the internet has overpowered newspapers. Yet, the importance of reviews whether online or offline remains undisturbed. Audiences rely on film reviews to judge a movie before going to the theatres. It does not matter to them whether it is online or offline.

What makes it easier for them is the ease to search on the internet. This option is not available offline where you have to wait for the review to be published. On the contrary online gives you the flexibility to search based on keywords and get a complete listing of reviews of your favourite movie. Sometimes the power of marketing influences the reviews. In most cases, the production house offers a free screening of the film before its release to prominent publishing houses both online and offline. But advance press screenings have been cut down due to the fear of bad publicity before the release of the film.

Another great influence of UK film reviews is that it can bring the audience to films that are normally not on the radar. Films that do not have the resources to market have earned big profits thanks to the positive reviews from film critics. It is the responsibility of the reviewer to promote the right films without any bias or to be judgemental. A true critic is one who reviews every aspect of the film and gives a neutral review from the audience point of view.