Artist run moving image screenings.

Screen Dump
the new online cinema of spectacle
compiled by Philip Sanderson

4pm, Sunday 5th November 2006
3 Torrens St, London, EC1V 1NQ

now online at cogblog


by Brookers

Engine Trouble

by Philip Sanderson

In the last 18 months wide scale access to broadband combined with the starting of free video hosting websites such as YouTube has created a surge in videoblogging. YouTube with its open access policy quickly created a mass audience who both watch and upload videos. Often shot on cheap webcams or mobile phones YouTube hosts a wealth of videos from the comic to the grotesque by way of the banal. These DIY videos have much in common with pre-narrative cinema. Rarely over three minute in length they are like a modern version of the one reelers of the 1890s, full of everyday scenes, stunts and one-liners.

The makers of these videos have unwittingly created the first egalitarian moving image distribution network and in so doing YouTube has given a number of previously unknown v-loggers such as Bowiechick and Brookers something approaching star status. The adrenalin of almost immediate viewer feedback and over half a million hits has also encouraged such star v-loggers to develop their practice and produce works that are increasingly visually literate and reflexive. Using cheap and readily available software, direct to webcam footage is interspersed with cuts and treated sequences in which voices are pitch-shifted and objects superimposed in an all but surrealist manner.

Screen Dump presents a selection of videos culled from YouTube interspersed with works from other video logs such as Brut Smog, Patalab and Direct Language. Edited back to back without titles or introduction and presented in their original low-res format Screen Dump gives us a glimpse of this new online cinema of spectacle.

programme duration approx 60 mins