Artist run moving image screenings.

Index Generator 2.2

4pm, Sunday 6th May 2007
3 Torrens St, London, EC1V 1NQ


Index Generator 2.2 is a programme of recent international video works located at the intersection of urban, media and political space. It traces contemporary society’s capacity to generate non-stop discourse, as the constant dialogue of being in the world in a critical and symbolic reflection of the dataflow of the super-structured values of the global capitalist military industrial entertainment complex. Featuring works from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Israel/Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Palestine and Spain.

This programme is a selection from Index Generator 2, curated by Carlo Sansolo and Erika Fraenkel for the ReverberAções 2006 festival in São Paulo, Brazil.

About a Theological Situation in the Society of Spectacle
Masayuki Kawai (6.5min, Japan, 2001)

TV stars and Mikados are ubiquitous not as a symbol but analogy to be referred to. The image quoted from Society of Spectacle hallucinates us the ruin of itself by using deliberate imitation of mass-media image.

Exchangeable Cities
Kentaro Taki (5 min, Japan, 2001)

Globalization and huge infrastructures result in an equalization of the world, information and urban space homogenises. Many elements of the world are assembled into a fake city piece. The spectacularization of the city as an overflow of images.

Das Kapital Version 07

Marcello Mercado (17 min, Argentina, 2003)

Command lines, programming lingo, coordinate instructions and video edit commands create a fatal illusion of mastery over the screen and its embedded database. The viewer/master in tune with the chaotic flow of capital and images is never confronted with the impact of this virtual flow on the real.

A Copiaeos Desajertados

Erika Frankel (6 min, Brazil, 2006)

A video that expiates the abuse in society where constant seduction makes weak. An analysis on the non possibility of todays man to feel at home, a tale about the anxiety of the actual world.


Pascal Liévre & Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay (3 min, Canada, 2005)

The language of anti-terrorism takes an unexpected form in this seductive propaganda video, Pascal Lièvre and Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay's first collaborative work.

Ozuland 001
Carlo Sansolo (10 min, Brazil, 2006)

ozuland001 is a audio/video/text compilation analysing the old suspects: control - mass media - post industrial capitalism - lack of consciousness and the like.

Kyoto 1

Akiko Nakamura (3.5 min, Japan, 2003)

Kyoto 1 is a time-based digital urban portrait of a figure. In retrospect, it exudes a very subtle aversive feeling.

Happy Days
Larissa Sansour (3 min, Palestine, 2006)

Happy Days is a video that exposes everyday Palestinian life under Israeli occupation. The idea is to subjugate international politics to a format normally associated with entertainment and thereby call attention to the blurry boundary between the two.

Sagi Groner (19.5 min, Israel/Netherlands, 2006)

A pilot, a DJ, a Kung-Fu master and software developers meet together and enjoy Apples by courtesy of Lockheed Martin. Composed entirely of images found in the internet, Misshapen is a meditation on vision machines and the philosophy of precision.

lluvia Dorada
Andrés Senra (3 min, Spain, 2003)

Certain elements of the representation of war in the history of art are common in different moments and historical contexts, the mass media connects with political power representing the victories of their monarchs. The hieratic emperor, military power, and the economic power, together with the captured beast and submitted to a medicine on his body.

Mylicon/EN (4.5 min, Italy, 2004)

Chrom is an imaginary raid of Mylicon/En into an operating-theatre: an anaesthetized video/body, a temporary loss of consciousness, a state in which everything flows and the boundaries between body and space get blurred.



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