Artist run moving image screenings.

Lines of Travel____
presented in conjunction with suek-artist

8:30pm 28th February 2009
The BAck doOR @ suek-artist
entry off back lane
658 Plenty Road, Preston
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

catch the 86 tram to stop 52

This programme curated by sue.k. brings together a selection of film/video works previously screened by cogcollective and work by upcoming Australian video artists.

liverpool223355 sue.k. 28 mins, video, UK, 2006
Cryptic Burgess Dub Steven Ball 12 mins, video, UK, 2006
Floating Lynn Loo 3 mins, video, USA/Singapore 2005
The Defenestrascope Steven Ball 5 mins, video, UK, 2003
The Thames from Charing Cross Bridge - A Study Paul Martin 6 mins, silent, super-8, UK, 1993
Fake Film David Brian Short
3 mins, video, Australia, 2008
thirtythreeandathird Tobias Dundas 7
mins, video, Australia, 2008
steps---89 sue.k. 17 mins, video, Australia, 2003


28 mins, video, UK, 2006


Shot at the height of summer in 2002, liverpool223355 captures the brilliance of light on an almost deserted nighttime platform at Liverpool Street Station, London. This work, more than any other produced by sue.k., references its materiality by introducing the primary colours of video, blue, red and green, and black and white in positive and negative in a series of still frame insertion within the edit weave. These are used to reference points in space and time determined by the subjective process of filming the original video material. The audio is edited in a way whereby it further extends the experience of space and time by announcing each introduction of a series of colour or positive and negative black and white.


Cryptic Burgess Dub
Steven Ball
12 mins, video, UK, 2006


Dubstep meets experimental video meets cryptology. Electronic video manipulation follow dub music processes producing visual distortion, echo and reverb. Like much contemporary dubstep music this evokes the grimy South London summer, as pavements melt, the humidity rises, a steamy fug settles and the city slows into an uneasy and frazzled hallucinatory dub daze. The image track provides a background rhythm to an experiment testing a proposition that the cryptic in experimental art might not simply be subjective obfuscated poetical aestheticism, or self-reflexive formalism, but a vehicle for the transmission of statements which, from a current paranoiac 'homeland security' purview, could be considered as sensitive, even dangerous.


3 mins, 2005, video, USA/Singapore
Lynn Loo

Always moving, not belonging to one place. A short film put together with the super-8 footage I have filmed during my cross-country journey from the East of USA to the West. It is a diary, told in the form of images without dialogue - Lynn Loo


The Defenestrascope
5 mins, 2003, video, UK
Steven Ball

The Defenestrascope throws the view through windows from monumental towers, in contemporary and medieval European city and town. This eccentric exploration of urbanised space revolves around a sample ensemble setting of the traditional 16th century Norfolk song ‘Go from the Window’, framed by a fragmented clapping rhyme. A neo-rococo vaudevillian romp dedicated to Alan Lomax and Gus Elen.

go from the window, throw from the window
downsteps upstairs, upsteps downstairs
down in the street, out in the street
the wind is in the west, the cuckoo's in the nest
along the canal, down from the torre
bicycle piazza, amphitheatre
through the agora, crossing the ringroad
a ladder and some glasses, a rope and a pulley
crossing the platz, along the strasse
out of the window, down from the window

The Thames from Charing Cross Bridge - A Study
6 mins, 1993, silent, super-8, UK
Paul Martin

The film shows the view from the train out of Charing Cross Station looking over the Thames. The filming is repeated over and over, over time so we get differing views: boats turning etc. It was inspired by my journey to teach at Goldsmiths College. Now I would like the process to be repeated over and over ad infinitum, perhaps the finished film could be projected onto the side of the Royal Festival Hall, journey's end? - Paul Martin


Fake Film
David Brian Short
2 mins, 2008, silent, video, Australia

In an effort to push to the extreme the post-editing programme of After Effects, David Brian Short finds a pathway with which to unpick the fabric of digital technology releasing it from the confines of data accumulation on to a freedom that resembles earlier materialist interventions of film.


Tobias Dundas
7 mins, 2008, video, Australia

This work of Dundas' explores notions of absent space and shifting perspectives within the enclosed environment of a bathroom. Following on from similar explorations of machinations found in the work of Welsby and others of the structuralist movement Dundas relinquishes the aesthetic control to the predeterminations of a mechanical device.


17 mins, 2003, video, UK/Australia

A flight of stairs, eight trips down and eight trips up. steps---89 captures the mood and sense of agitation experienced within London’s Underground network.



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