Artist run moving image screenings.

Delicate Matter
presented in conjunction with suek-artist

8:30pm 30th January 2010
The BAck doOR @ suek-artist
entry off back lane
658 Plenty Road, Preston
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

catch the 86 tram to stop 52

A programme of experimental film curated by Richard Tuohy.

It's the flesh, touching physicality and tiny inconsistencies in approximation and decay that give the analogue its vitality. The film in this selection, sourced from around the glove, all demonstrate a fascination with the analogue physicality of cine film, with its fragility and its presence, with the vitality of its fleshiness.


Dissolve Aaron Valdez (2003, 16 mins, USA)
Matar a Hitchcock (To Kill Hitchcock) Alberto Cabrera Bernal (2008, 7 mins, Spain)
Firebird Loop Ben Popp (2008, 10 mins, USA)
Hautnah / Skinflick Thorsten Fleisch (2001, 8 mins, Germany)
Touchez Pas Ben Popp (2009, 6 mins, USA)
Tiny Inconsistencies Raymond Salvatore Harmon (2001, 5 mins, USA)
Two Cities Lea Becker
(2008, 5 mins, USA)


Hautnah / Skinflick
Thorsten Fleisch



2003, 16 mins, USA
Aaron Valdez

Found footage film constructed of hundreds of dissolves taken from old educational films and reassembled to create a meditation on our own impermanence.

Matar a Hitchcock (To Kill Hitchcock)
2008, 7 mins, Spain
Alberto Cabrera Bernal

Ordered in rounds, following a boxing match's structure, the film redirects the spectator's eye, placing it on a territory of self-confrontation by being questioned from the screen itself, forcing it and its gaze to be the only centres of content.

Firebird Loop
2008, 10 mins, USA
Ben Popp

Red India ink on 16mm film looped over and over and over again. Soundtrack is from Bernstein conducts Stravinksky's Petrushka, a beautiful skipping record.

Hautnah / Skinflick
2001, 8 mins, Germany
Thorsten Fleisch

"A filmic exploration of the texture of my hand with and without camera. With maintaining the hand /skin theme the methods of film production are changed. Hence not only is my hand shown in various ways but also different possibilities of filmic representation are discussed. For the sound I audio scanned my hand with the cartridge of a phono player. The resulting sounds were rearranged to fit the images." (Thorsten Fleisch)

Touchez Pas
2009, 6 mins, USA
Ben Pop

Found footage matte film on 16mm. The lightning in the middle is painted yellow. Drumming by Jeffery Von Ragan. The footage is from a 60's show, not quite sure what, but her skirt is red, TOUCHEZ-PAS!

Tiny Inconsistencies
2001, 5 mins, USA
Raymond Salvatore Harmon

The subdued flame-like flashes and sounds reinforce the feeling of quietly smoldering passion. Together, these elements come together to create a delicate composition which is abstract, yet full of feeling

Two Cities
2008, 5 mins, USA
Lea Becker

Experimental film shot on super16 but photographed with a 35mm still camera. This was achieved by manually loading 16mm film into emptied 35mm spools.


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