Artist run moving image screenings.

One Minute
curated by Kerry Baldry

4pm, Sunday 3rd June 2007
3 Torrens St, London, EC1V 1NQ

A programme of experimental, oblique and poetic video featuring the work of a number of artists at varying stages of their careers. A myriad of approaches, techniques, media and processes have been employed, creating elusive, challenging and memorable work. All have one thing in common: that they have been edited within the time limit of 60 seconds.
Kerry Baldry


Metanoia by Gordon Dawson
Night Cooking 1 by Katherine Meynell
No-way Street by Steven Ball
Punch by Kerry Baldry
World Language by Erica Scourti
Indian Movie by Deklan Kilfeather
Talkie by Gordon Dawson
Trout Descending a Staircase by Steve Hawley
Train Ride With Mom 2 by Lynn Loo
Taunt 2 by Lynn Loo
Jiggery-Pokery by Philip Sanderson
Untitled by Kerry Baldry
Fragment by Andy Fear
4th July 2006 by David Leister/Harris
The Electric Hare by Phillip Warnell
Untitled Without You by Riccardo Iacono
Cut by Claire Morales
S-Ego by Unconscious Films
Grey by Laure Prouvost
Green by Laure Prouvost
Light Blue by Laure Prouvost
Red by Laure Prouvost
Night Cooking 2 by Katherine Maynell
The Mouse’s Trap by Claudia Digangi
Orbit by Eva Rudlinger
8 x 8 Light Instants by Fil Ieropoulos and Lilly Zinan Ding
Smile by Stuart Pound
Bitten by Kerry Baldry
Last Dance by Gordon Dawson
Lost by Tina Keane
Storm by Tina Keane
Vampire Virus by Tina Keane
Untitled 513 by Nick Herbert
Untitled 514 by Nick Herbert
Turquoise Bag in a Tree by Hilary Jack
Found Cinema by Martin Pickles
Knight by Martin Pickles
Roof Tops by Mark Wigan
Parade by Mark Wigan
Point and Shoot by Esther Johnson

running time: 54 minutes



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