Artist run moving image screenings.

Videa Democrazy
Stefan Szczelkun will offer people a chance to choose which
of his videos they watch as part of this programme.
To preview see the selection on Google

4pm, Sunday 1st April 2007
3 Torrens St, London, EC1V 1NQ

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Cinema Action thought of their films as primarily 'triggers' for discussion. John Porter even encouraged the audience to talk through his Super 8 films as shown at cogcollective on 4th February. Szczelkun is interested in how culture can be more or less democratic.
If the core purpose of culture is to continually evaluate our totality how does this work in relation to experimental venues such as cogcollective? What attitude do we take to the essential silences in our rituals of knowledge? How do we kick out the jams?
Consensii of selection - public rituals of observance - responsive and reactive discourses.



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