Top 5 Asian Movies of All Time

Asian movies are definitely worth watching. Although most of them were filmed in the local language, it is easy finding subtitles in English if you want to understand the entire story. Some of these films have gained international attention. They may not be worldwide hits unlike Hollywood blockbusters, but they are surely worth watching. Here are 5 of the best Asian movies of all time you should consider watching now.

1. Confessions (Japan)

This movie discussed the tragic story of Yuko Moriguchi, a high school teacher. It was a simple plot, which was beautifully discussed. The acting of the cast was also beyond question. This teacher told her students it would be her last day in school without giving any reason. At that point, it was common knowledge that her husband was HIV positive and her young daughter drowned in a pool. She believed otherwise. She knew her daughter was killed and the murderers were in the room. She also said that she placed her husband’s blood on the milk of those two who killed her daughter.

2. Oldboy (South Korea)

We now love Korean dramas because of the touching stories discussed. This film on the other hand tackled a more sensitive subject. In fact, it was too powerful that people started giving their attention to Korean films because of it. A man was abducted and forced to live in the same room for 15 years. Upon his release, he sought revenge. However, the film didn’t just revolve around the subject of revenge. It also talked about his journey towards catharsis. The film won the Grand Prize of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival.

3. The Raid: Redemption (Indonesia)

One of the reasons why this film made heads turn was because it discussed a subject quite close to home. The main character attempted to arrest the owner of the building who was said to be at the heart of the terroristic activities going on in Jakarta. The film’s action scenes were beyond breathtaking.

4. Tanging Yaman (Philippines)

This movie discussed the crazy stories of an extended family. It attempted to take a closer look at what each member of the family was going through and how they tried keeping things together even if they were already falling apart. Their journey to find love and reconciliation is one that will surely melt your heart. You could not watch this movie without shedding tears.

5. Trivisa (Hong Kong)

This is an exceptional drama, which gained national headlines. Aside from the storyline, which was terrific, it was also created by 3 young directors in Hong Kong. It also portrayed a very sensitive national issue. It discussed how Hong Kong’s standing dropped under Chinese rule. Without a doubt, it is one of the best Hong Kong films ever. You can ask any local and they will most definitely mention this film.

Asian movies are totally underrated. There are tons of great Asian films that deserve attention. They might not rake huge income unlike Hollywood films, but most of them have great storylines that are worth your time.

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