Have Hoverboards Gone from Hollywood Movies to Reality in 2015?

Have Hoverboards Gone from Hollywood Movies to Reality in 2015Have hoverboards gone from Hollywood movies to reality in 2015?

The answer is apparently ‘Yes!’.

People have been dreaming about hoverboards for at least thirty years now, after the Back to the Future series helped popularize them. It’s now become commonplace for people to complain about reaching some designated point in the future without the technological advances that they envisioned to be already available. It’s popular for people to specifically complain about flying cars, for instance. Now, these people can at least cross ‘hoverboards’ off their list. Hoverboards are here!

Skateboards of the Future

Skateboards started getting popular around the 1980’s and the 1990’s, so it isn’t surprising that Hollywood would try to create skateboards that somehow managed to be even cooler than the ones the audiences were using. Lexus has now brought the hoverboard of the future to life. This hoverboard manages to get a few inches off the ground. It does indeed resemble a skateboard.

This hoverboard will hover over water, which somehow manages to make it seem even cooler than it was before, and it represents an improvement over the hoverboards features in a lot of Hollywood movies. It’s possible that scenes like that were just too difficult to film back in the 1980’s. Today, filming them may be just as easy as filming someone on a bike.

The hoverboard works using an innovative combination of magnets, liquid nitrogen, and super cooled conductors. Naturally, the board works on a metallic surface specifically at the moment. At the moment, a futuristic skate park is being developed around these new hoverboards. Anyone from the 1980’s passing through would automatically know that he or she was definitely in the future upon seeing these truly fantastic hovering skateboards.

Implications of Modern Hoverboards

Pieces of technology like this are clearly only the beginning. As this technology improves, it is possible that more vehicles will be designed according to these specifications. Hoverboards may be able to hover more than a few inches off the ground. There also might be hoverboard skating parks everywhere within a few years, depending upon the popularity of the new technology.

At present time however, you can already see people zooming around park walkways on what looks like a hoverboard. Although these do not even come close to Lexus’ Slide, they are a step closer to what was once only a figment of a movie writer’s imagination.The hoverboards available in today’s market are self-balancing scooters that are powered by batteries.They do not levitate. Instead, they have wheels which glide smoothly on the ground. To cut the long story short, they are motorised skateboards.

The success of hoverboards also should make people wonder what new technologies from Hollywood movies are on the horizon. If hoverboards are possible, and flatscreen televisions are possible, all sorts of other new technologies could also be possible.

People are used to reflexively getting disappointed with what the future has to offer, so it is something of a relief when it turns out that some of people’s dreams of the future really can come true. It is possible that advances like this will help create a new wave of enthusiasm for technology in general. There has been a great deal of cynicism directed at technological advances in recent years for a multitude of reasons. Some people are just jaded. Othersare actively pessimistic, given some of the problems with some technological advances. Take drones for example.Drones have been receiving a lot of flack because people see them as an invasion to their privacy if it is flown over their property. However, drones are now being used to film scenes that would have been otherwise impossible like say, the top of a big mountain.

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