Artist run moving image screenings.

in conjunction with suek-artist

Fractured Light

6:30pm Wednesday 22nd April 2009
Innovation Centre Conference Room
Central St Martins
Southampton Row, London

entry is at the rear of the building and opposite to Red Lion Square

Fractured Light
is a programme of experimental screen work from Australia. A mix of film and video the programme brings together contemporary work from both established makers and newcomers to the experimental scene.   Curated by sue.k.

Mallee Stretching Richard Tuohy, 13 mins, original format Super-8, 2006
1/500OP+9blackfriars sue.k. 15 mins, video, 2007
Byron Bay Hysteria #03/09 Dirk de Bruyn 4 mins, video, 2009
Byron Bay #04/09 Dirk de Bruyn 6 mins, video, 2009
thirtythreeandathird Tobias Dundas 7 mins, video, 2008
film_1234 sue.k. 1:30 mins, video, 2007
Fake Film David Brian Short
3 mins, video, 2008008
2112 sue.k. 21
mins, video, 2009
6 Miles to 1 Inch Madeline Quirk 3 mins, video, 2007
Multitude Studies
Richard Tuohy, 18 mins, 16mm, multi-projection, 2009


Mallee Stretching
13 mins, original format Super-8, 2006
Richard Tuohy

One of Richard Tuohy's 8mm 'landscape dances', this time exploring the desiccated forms of Victoria's dry country.


15 mins, video, 2007

In 1/500OP+9blackfriars sue.k.'s fascination with train environments found with her earlier works continue. Shot on the platform at Blackfriar's Bridge tube station, the camera records at 1/500 shutter speed the departure and arrival of two trains. Each frame of the original footage was developed as an individual picture file, the transference of which flattened the video interlace allowing the duplication of the image, which occurred as a result of the shutter speed, to clearly exist in the one frame. The reduction of visual information recorded, a result of the increased shutter speed, allow an echo of the grime and decay of the overpopulated city of London to exist.


Byron Bay Hysteria #03/09
4 mins, video, 2009
Dirk de Bruyn

This time-lapse video work of de Bruyn's evidences the bold rythmic structures found in his hand-painted 16mm film work. A prolific filmmaker, de Bruyn is a master of his craft and shows in this work that that mastery knows no boundaries in format.


Byron Bay #04/09
6 mins, video, 2009
Dirk de Bruyn

Another time-lapse video piece by de Bruyn, Byron Bay #04/09 evokes nostalgia in its subject matter of the coastline of northern New South Wales. For a number of years de Bruyn has been recording, in time-lapse, events in his life, whether it be a family holiday or a screening event. This ongoing commitment has allowed an expansive library, diaristic in style, to be collated from which he is able to extract imagery for future use. De Bruyn is methodical in his approach to making both film and video and this gives him an edge that allows him to stand out as a significant filmmaker of our time.

7 mins, video, 2008
Tobias Dundas

This work of Dundas' explores notions of absent space and shifting perspectives within the enclosed environment of a bathroom. Following on from similar explorations of machinations found in the work of Welsby and others of the structuralist movement Dundas relinquishes the aesthetic control to the predeterminations of a mechanical device.

1:30 mins, video, 2009

Originally made as an example for teaching, film_1234 uses found film footage retrieved from the floors of classrooms and editing suites at Curtin University.

Fake Film
2 mins, silent, video, 2008
David Brian Short

In an effort to push to the extreme the post-editing programme of After Effects, David Brian Short finds a pathway with which to unpick the fabric of digital technology releasing it from the confines of data accumulation on to a freedom that resembles earlier materialist interventions of film.


21 mins, video, 2009


Have you ever sat amazed at the subtleties fo light play upon the wall created by the streaming sunrays that filter through the crack in the curtains? It's the seduction of such a thing that 2112 attempts to capture by bringing into play juxtapositions between the mechanisms of the camera optics and the shifting light with its subtle variations as the sun travels across the sky.


6 Miles to 1 Inch
3 mins, video, 2007
Madeline Quirk

This beautiful little work of Madeline Quirk’s uses found material from family archives of slides and maps. With 6 Miles to 1 Inch, and without the camera, Quirk explores the possibilities of digital technology in combination with hand-manipulated material as a source.

Multitude Studies
18 mins, 16mm, multi-projection, 2009
Richard Tuohy

Only screened once before as part of cogcollective in Melbourne, this new multi-projection work of Tuohy's explores the junctures between filming, processing, editing and performance within a temporal frame.


The screening of Fractured Light follows on in the same venue from the Expanded Cinema: History, Society, Technology Seminar, Expanded Cinema Symposia, Spring 2009. For further details visit here.


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