Artist run moving image screenings.

Equilibrium of the Tactile
presented in conjunction with suek-artist

8:00pm 30th October 2010
The BAck doOR @ suek-artist
entry off back lane
658 Plenty Road, Preston
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

catch the 86 tram to stop 52

A year has passed and it is again time to throw the wonders of dance and experimental film into the one space of performance. At what point does the boundary between the performance space and projection space delineate and part, and at which does it converge? If both dance and film co-exist within the one space neither can be considered as anything other than performance and so therefore inhabit that space in equilibrium. The tactile experience of the projected image has become sterile amongst the technology of the digital age and this thus misleads about the depth at which its physical presence resides within a performative arena.

Equilibrium of the Tactile is the fourth in a series of exploration into the combination of Contact Improvisation Dance performance and experimental film and video. Sitting at neither end of dance as pure performance or that of expanded cinema, these events proffer up moments of exhilaration in their unexpected points of synchronization, syncopation and beauty


Brendan O'Connor

Relatively new to Australia, having arrived from Ireland two years ago, O'Connor brings with him a distinctive European style of dance that is much sought after. Trained at the Fontys Dans Academie in the Nederlands, O'Connor has been dancing for the last nine years and has had success performing professionally with a well-known touring dance company from the UK. Success for O'Connor has also been gained with his choreography of sharp crisp movement that explore a multi-dimension of edges other choreographers of his age miss.

Jonathan Sinatra

Sinatra originally trained in the mid '90s in physical theatre at Melbourne Uni while at the same time acquiring circus skills with Circus Oz. After discovering Contact Improvisation Dance and training with State of Flux in 1996-97 he went on to do an honours year at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts focussing on dance. After graduating there Sinatra relocated to Sydney where he took up work and training with Russell Dumas' dance company. With Dumas, Sinatra has travelled and taught Dumas' dance techniques throughout the world and has had success developing his own choreographed works.


Trained as a visual artist in Perth, sue.k. first performed in 1992 in the production Quiet a collaborative work with Nigel Kellaway of the Sydney Front performance theatre group. The training embarked upon for this work was further extended upon in 1995 with the return of Kellaway to Perth. Living in Melbourne in 1996, sue.k. took up training in Contact Improvisation Dance with State of Flux. Returning to Perth the following year she continued in Contact Improv starting a weekly Contact Jam session, this was to continue for a number of years. Now based in Melbourne after a number of years living in London, sue.k. continues to train and to put into practice her skills and experience in body/movement work in Contact Improvisation Dance.


Amanda Betlehem

Betlehem started training as a dancer as a young girl and is currently undertaking a degree in performance at Deakin University. In the last few years she has brought her grace and elegant fluidity of movement to the practice of Contact Improvisation.


Expanded Cinema:

Richard Tuohy, Dianna Barrie

Experts in the film guages of 8mm and 16mm film Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie hand-process their own film, which thus gives them the ultimate freedom to explore all aspects of experimentation with the film strip. Tuohy first started creating experimental film in the 1980s and has since been honing his craft of working with the optics and mechanisms of the film camera. Joined by Barrie the pair make a undeniable force of exceptional talent and skill.

For Equilibrium of the Tactile, Tuohy and Barrie will be working film through multi-projection, long loops, and with optical manipulations in a loose structure to allow the freedom to improvise with the film in their contribution of performance.


Sound: sue.k.



Doors open at 8pm sharp with the performance starting immediately.

Entry by donation.


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