Artist run moving image screenings.

presented in conjunction with suek-artist

8:30pm 27th March 2010
The BAck doOR @ suek-artist
entry off back lane
658 Plenty Road, Preston
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

catch the 86 tram to stop 52

A programme of artists' moving image from the UK curated by Steven Ball.

This collection of recent works by London-based artists describes the complexity and contingency of contemporary cultural infrastructure and urban life. Charting a course from systems of the micro-subjective, through mediated experience and fabulous storytelling, to an elaboration of the evolution of life and its artificial structures, they mobilise the languages of business, the media, science and philosophy, and experiment with forms of performance through action, transcription, narration and song.


Complex Financial Instruments Claire Hope (2008, 8 mins)
Elephant Riccardo Iacono (2007, 7:30 mins)
Complex Financial Instruments (Part 2) Claire Hope (2008, 8 mins)
Sound Wars Erica Scourti ( 2009, 4 mins)
Burrow Me/Pig Laure Prouvost (2009, 13 mins)
Reality Life Erica Scourti (2009, 8:30 mins)
Between Clock and Bed Rastko Novakovic (2007, 20 mins)
Product Recall Philip Sanderson (2008, 3:12 mins)
Faith in Infrastructure Hilary Koob-Sassen/The Errorists (2009, 30 mins)


Complex Financial Instruments (Part 1)
2008, 8 mins
Claire Hope

Complex Financial Instruments raises questions about power, systems of belief and contemporary subjectivity. Footage of the progressive conversion of old farm buildings is inter-cut with images of corporate new builds, archaeological remains, degraded sites and natural land. On the soundtrack we hear a business meeting debate about the realisation of a fantasy landmark building project. The visual material shifts between stills and self-consciously edited video, which becomes problematically intertwined with an increasingly absurd conversation.

2007, 7:30 mins
Riccardo Iacono

Elephant is a kind of psychogeographical adventure made by throwing objects in urban space, exploring disorientating gyrations of eye and camera movement, the complexities of optical, physical and social engagement, and the sculptural, rhythmic interplay of sound and light. The video was shot in the market place at South London's famous Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre and was produced during an Animate residency at London College of Communication.

Complex Financial Instruments (Part 2)
2008, 7 mins (performance documentation)
Claire Hope

During the exhibition of Complex Financial Instruments at Way East Project Space, London Part One (above) was screened in the basement, while the same video footage was shown in the front room, looped on a monitor alongside an unannounced live performance. The performance extends the first part of the video taking the form of an informal post-meeting chat between two male actors conducted at a conversational level. It was performed in the space continuously over two hours on 22 and 31 May 2008.

Sound Wars
2009, 4 mins
Erica Scourti

Subtitles for the hard of hearing were transcribed from 12 war movies and then read by a radio broadcaster in the style of a news bulletin. Defeating its original purpose, the particular resonance of the spoken text flattens into generic description.

Burrow Me/Pig
2009, 13 mins
Laure Prouvost

We are invited into the story of the inhabitant of an underground lair, an earthy burrow. He tells his fantastic story using conflicting dialogue, he disturbs the meaning of spoken words, subtitles and images. Laure Prouvost attempts to create a bond between narrator and viewer in an imaginative parallel universe that is an energetically skewed dream of the everyday.

Reality Life
2009, 8:30 mins
Erica Scourti

Teenage girls were recruited from all over England though, which advertises listings for people wanting to appear on TV. The girls filmed themselves reading out a script written by Scourti culled from the titles of ‘unscripted’, reality shows and documentaries. Between them they re-articulate teenage aspiration and issues from everyday life, through the language of TV.

Between Clock and Bed
2007, 20 mins
Rastko Novakovic

Between Clock and Bed takes Edvard Munch’s 1942 self-portrait as a starting point to weave an audiovisual texture that spans 28 centuries, moving back and forth between clock and bed, time and death, history and physical love, technology and ethics.

Product Recall
2008, 3:12 mins
Philip Sanderson

We are pleased to announce a unique new premier product for that milestone once in a lifetime occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, wedding or as a one-off gift for someone special. The product is made of an alloy glass and onyx compound that changes shape to fit the wearer and the occasion. One moment it is a ring the next a ceremonial dagger; it is whatever the wearer desires. View a prototype sample here.

Faith in Infrastructure
2009, 30 mins
Hilary Koob-Sassen/The Errorists

As an Errorist, Hilary Koob-Sassen makes ambitious scientific and political proposals. Errorism is committed to the act of proposal-making and a culture of proposal rather than a state of conviction. As a Syntactical Elaborationist, Koob-Sassen deploys several media. He uses drawing and sculpture to make aspects of a proposal public, modelling the relationships between organic four dimensional phenomenon such as the evolution of life and the elaboration of the artificial structures that life builds, venturing deeper into the present and future formations of human culture in time. These processual landscapes are traversed by songs and performances developed in collaboration with fellow Errorist and master cellist Andreas Köhler. The films approach, inhabit, and burrow directly through reality as it is organized in the models and sung into presence by The Errorists.


Entry by donation.