Online Influence On UK Film Reviews

Film buffs are moving to the internet to look out for reviews and professionals are finding them under pressure to provide the right kind of reviews for the audience. The social media sites have given an opportunity for any member to be a critic. Apart from Facebook and Twitter, there are blogs and message boards that have become an outlet for film buffs to express their opinion about a film or music. The web has become the new weapon in the hands of critics when it was earlier print media. The role of the critics has changed over a period of time from being business oriented to audience oriented.

The newspapers are not long able to give the reach that internet forums are able to provide. There are exclusive UK film reviews websites that offer ratings on films based on the reviews from various critics. Movie goers before going to the theatre take pains to read reviews and come to a conclusion on which movie to invest time and money on. After considering the opinion of the critics, they decide on a movie. Critics have a great responsibility ahead of them as audiences are more interactive these days. Commenting and rating have opened up a new avenue for the movie review section. Filmmakers are now able to understand where their flaws lie and are able to learn from their mistakes.

The success of a film at the box office is determined by what type of reviews a film gets. Studies reveal that critics are responsible for the box office collection. Moreover, it is also responsible for getting the audiences to the theatres. Sometimes marketing campaigns influence critics. Many films create hype before release leaving not much room for criticism. But in certain cases, the hype can also act as a negative factor for the success of a film, especially when it is not able to sustain the hype. Still there is an opinion about serious critics that a review has no impact on the success of a movie like how it used to be earlier. Publicity has made films critic proof that gives the films advantage of being rated as a good irrespective of a weak story line.

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