How Drones Help with Filming Hollywood Movies

drone-filmingWhen drones were first introduced to the world there was a lot of speculation as to what they would be used for.  However, because of the sheer convenience of having a drone there are several industries which benefit from using one. Drones can help with filming Hollywood movies is a number of ways, which might explain why so many directors and producers use them when creating their next blockbuster.

What Are Drones?

Drones is the name given to unmanned aerial vehicles which can be used for a variety of tasks.  Militarily, drones are used to gather information about another party, but drones can actually be used for peaceful endeavors as well.  In fact, drones allow movie creators to put cameras where they could not put them before.  This allows movie makers to develop breathtaking shots without putting anyone in danger. Drones are essentially a pair of eyes, peering into the abyss of the unknown. Even cheaper drones like the UDI U818A can offer some pretty decent video footage from above.

Aerial Shots

Sometimes while filming a movie the scene calls for an aerial shot.  However, getting said footage can be extremely costly as well as dangerous to those involved.  By using an unmanned aerial craft you will be able to capture the shots you want without putting anyone at risk. Drones help with filming Hollywood movies because they are the latest in technology, are low cost and can be harnessed to create an incredible picture.

Impossible Moments

Certain scenes need to be captured in a special way in order to get the attention of the audience.  Usually, only pioneering directors and producers were able to get footage for those scenes because doing so was nearly impossible.  Drones help make your scenes more believable by giving you the power to have more control over what is being seen on the screen.  Gone are the days of piecing together moments to create the perfect scene.  Drones make it possible for you to get it on tape in real time.

Management of Set Staff

Drones are often utilized for surveillance purposes and can even help directors, producers, and managers to keep a more organized set during complicated scenes.  A well-equipped drone can act as a flying communication tool, giving you the ability to quickly see what is going on elsewhere.  The use of drones for this purpose virtually eliminates the need for cellular communication devices and provides something that is conducive with huge projects.

As modern technology advances, more and more people are turning to drones to go where no human being can go.  It will be interesting to see how the scope of entertainment changes as the use of drones continues to increase on the modern movie set.

How Actors Get Into Shape for Movies

actor-workoutHave you ever wondered how actors and actresses can quickly achieve body transformations for upcoming roles? Actors typically hire nutritionists and personal trainers in order to get into shape for movies. They get expert assistance in order to change their bodies for specific movie roles. For example, when the Australian actor Hugh Jackman took on the career-changing role of Wolverine in Marvel’s X-Men, he needed to put on plenty of lean muscle, fast, in order to embody the strength and power of the character.

Jackman got his new physique by lifting weights for two hours, from four to six in the morning! Squats, bench presses and barbell curls were just a part of this challenging regime. This punishing workout schedule was designed to take him from naturally slim to sculpted and ripped! Other pieces of exercise equipment like the Concept 2 Model D rowing machine can help get that ripped look.

It was complemented by the right diet for muscle growth, which included a diet which featured a very high daily calorie count of five thousand. Lots of lean protein was eaten in order to give muscles the right nutritional support for optimal growth.

Dieting is About Lowering your Carb Intake

Some actors want to lose weight, rather than gaining muscle and adding bulk to their bodies. Those who want to slim down typically do so because, as they say “the camera adds ten pounds”. To stay on the slim side, actors generally eschew carbs. A low-carb approach to dieting brings quick and predictable results.

Bad carbs, such as white bread and white pasta, as well as rice, tend to trigger changes in insulin production which foster weight gain. If you want the Hollywood look, cutting bad carbs out of your daily diet and eating only moderate portions of good carbs will help you to get a thinner body quickly and safely.

Hydrating your body on a daily basis is also important. Aside from exercise, actors also drink plenty of pure water while they train and diet. They know that proper hydration levels keep them energized and also help them to flush plenty of toxins out of their systems which promote an overall healthy body.

Some actors, such as Hollywood diva, Gwyneth Paltrow, go to extremes in order to keep their bodies looking fashionably thin. Gwyneth Paltrow’s been known to follow a range of extreme diets, from macrobiotic regimes (which pop icon Madonna also believes in) to juice fasts and beyond.

Fad diets don’t usually work over the long haul, as it’s too hard to stay on them. However, plenty of Hollywood actors and actresses try them out anyway because they want quick results. These fad diets are usually dangerous and are absolutely not healthy ways to lose weight. They may sound easy, but shortcuts aren’t always the way to go!

Pilates is a Hot Hollywood Fitness Trend

Lifting weights isn’t the only way to sculpt a body. While lifting weights is very popular among Hollywood’s glittering stars, it’s often preferred by the males. Most women want to maintain bodies which resemble those of high-fashion models, so they typically choose other forms of exercise, such as Pilates.

Pilates is designed to lengthen the line of the body and to get it toned without adding bulk to your body. Men or women may do Pilates – it was created in order to help people recover from accidents and it’s known for offering safe toning power.

Now that you know some of the ways that actors get fit for the silver screen or TV cameras.