UK Film Reviews – Unbiased and not judgemental

Gone are the days when people depend on word of mouth to decide whether the movie is worth a watch. During the recent times, movie reviews have taken a new dimension with online influence creating an opening for every movie lover to register their opinion. The advent of technology has forced print media to cut down on their expenses with revenues dwindling. The print media is not improving with the internet dominating in the recent past. Surveys have proved that the internet has overpowered newspapers. Yet, the importance of reviews whether online or offline remains undisturbed. Audiences rely on film reviews to judge a movie before going to the theatres. It does not matter to them whether it is online or offline.

What makes it easier for them is the ease to search on the internet. This option is not available offline where you have to wait for the review to be published. On the contrary online gives you the flexibility to search based on keywords and get a complete listing of reviews of your favourite movie. Sometimes the power of marketing influences the reviews. In most cases, the production house offers a free screening of the film before its release to prominent publishing houses both online and offline. But advance press screenings have been cut down due to the fear of bad publicity before the release of the film.

Another great influence of UK film reviews is that it can bring the audience to films that are normally not on the radar. Films that do not have the resources to market have earned big profits thanks to the positive reviews from film critics. It is the responsibility of the reviewer to promote the right films without any bias or to be judgemental. A true critic is one who reviews every aspect of the film and gives a neutral review from the audience point of view.